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Interactive Call Scripts Designer. Boost Phone Sales

  • Get the team trained.
  • Change scripts in one place. Teammates will see an update immediately
  • Understand the stage at which you are losing clients and improve the script
  • Compare the efficiency of the scripts and choose the best ones

How It Works

Create a phone conversation script in our constructor
The operators use the script through the operator's interface. View an interactive example of the interface
You receive a detailed analysis of the efficiency of your scripts and operators
Sales efficiency
ramps up
It's free to try. No credit card required.

Key functions

Artificial Intelligence picture

Artificial Intelligence as an Assistant

Create scripts faster and easier

Creating effective sales scripts is a complex process that requires a lot of time and effort. HyperScript solves this problem by providing a powerful AI-tools that help generate script step texts and objection lists.
By using artificial intelligence, you can significantly increase the efficiency of your work by reducing the time for script development.

No training required

Intuitive interface

The interface is a management tool and we have a really good one. We have taken into account the wishes and feedback from our clients - entrepreneurs, professional scriptologists, heads of sales and call-center departments and many others.
As a result, we have implemented this experience in the HyperScript interface.

No training required picture
Performance analysis system picture

Effectiveness analysis system

Spin your scripts and sell more

Each time you pass a script, the system automatically collects statistics, turning it into summary reports on the efficiency of the script as a whole, its individual steps, the efficiency of operators, the percentage of achieving the goals.
Use this experience to improve your scripts and increase your sales.

Add customer data directly to the script

Built-in data input fields,
integrated in CRM.

The input fields are embedded directly in the script steps
It is convenient to use different types of fields for different data: text, list, checkbox date and others
The data is saved in HyperScript and can also be uploaded to Excel
And sent to your CRM, if you use it

Auto-substitution of data into the script from CRM

Address the client in person

HyperScript will automatically download client data from the CRM system directly into the script. This allows the operator to concentrate on the conversation with the client, rather than switching between systems in search of the right information.

Auto-insertion of data into a script from CRM picture
No required answer function picture

The "No response needed" function

Take into account the client's answers, not provided by the script

The script is not just a ready-made scenario of a conversation with a potential client. It is a tool, which is a whole algorithm of operator actions, consisting of possible questions and objections of the client with ready-made answers. It is important that the scripts are more precisely tailored to the target audience. In HyperScript, an operator can specify exactly what information is missing in the script right during a conversation. In the future, this will allow to correct the script and improve the efficiency of the conversation.

Fast transitions

Make the conversation more flexible

Sometimes the conversation suddenly passes to a completely different branch of the script. For example, it may be an objection or a question about price, like many other things. In HyperScript, you can mark quick transitions to switch between topics - the operator can instantly navigate and have a conversation, as it is convenient for the client.

Fast transitions picture
Our system has a developed API and can be integrated with all widely used CRM systems, including Pipedrive, Kommo, Bitrix24, and many others.